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Corocraft Sterling Horse Duette Front
Corocraft Sterling Horse Duette Signature
Corocraft Patent 135970 pg. 1
United States Patent and Trademark Office Document
Corocraft Sterling Horse Duette Back

Corocraft Sterling Horse Duette
Corocraft is known for the patented duette design of double fur clips that can also function as a brooch. This particular one is the horse with red rhinestone ears, clear rhinestone eyes and accents. The rhinestones are in excellent condition. This duette is featured in several books. To mention one, it is on page 194 in Collecting Rhinestone & Colored Jewelry by Maryanne Dolan. The design patent 135,970 is pictured above. Signed sterling Corocraft, Coro Duette, Pat. no. 1798867 (dated March 31, 1931). Very good condition with some wear to the gold tone and slight enamel loss over the eye.

Price: SOLD Item: #378